Old Men Shall Dream Dreams

What are these dreams that old men will dream? The Holy Spirit will give you divine revelation and power to speak to the next generation. If our hearts are turned inward we will lose vision and power, but when our heart turns to the children of this generation God will pour out His Spirit upon us. Pastor Carter gives an illustrated sermon of his life’s journey to encourage us to speak into the lives of our family and to influence another generation.

Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

This message comes with a warning. The world as we know it is going to plunge into an unspeakable darkness. Israel will soon be encompassed by enemy armies. Jesus warned us in the last days that many false prophets are going to arise and many people will be deceived because they are not in the Word of God. There is power in the Word of God to bring life, strength, and direction. The promises of God are there for you to establish your thoughts so you can get through your day. We can’t live on yesterday’s bread, that’s why Jesus told us to pray, “Father give us this day our daily bread.” Let’s get into the Word of God and allow the Word of God to get into us.

A Message For Those Who Are Thirsty and Broke

Do you find yourself dwelling in a booth between bondage and freedom? Do you have an element of your former bondage that is still clinging to you and your exhausted from trying to be a good Christian? All God requires of you is a heart that thirsts for is Kingdom. When your heart is dry and thirsty and you have nothing left to help yourself God will invite you to come to Him and He will be all the supply and resource you will ever need. As you open your heart to God’s promises life from within will start to spring forth onto others who are thirsty to hear the good news of the Gospel.

Facing a Moment of Bitter Division

We are living in a perilous and dark moment in history and all around us evil speech is permeating the air. As the Body of Christ, we must not get swept away in this bitter division. Our cry should be God gives us the Grace to be your Ambassadors of forgiveness and reconciliation. Just as Joseph’s father gave him a coat with many colors so did God the Father give His Son Jesus a Body of all colors. Love and unity among God’s people gives us a testimony that burns bright and brings Glory to Jesus.

Chopping Wood for Father

When we get involved with fruitless religion through self effort in an attempt to earn God’s approval, we will the miss very heart of God and His presence in our life. It is the mercy and love of God that will bring us into a place of weakness and despair so He can remind us of His unconditional love. He will fill us with His passion and cause us to overcome a man pleasing, works mentality.

Living On Had Hoped Street

You started out with such fervor and fire for the Kingdom of God and now you find yourself living on Had-Hoped Street. Had Hoped Street is easy to find, it intersects with Too Late Lane, Despair Drive and Bitterness Blvd. Just travel on Personal Excuse Expressway and get off wherever you like. To continue your journey study the bible, listen to its direction for your life and then go another way. Today Jesus will meet you where you are and offer you a way out. We begin our departure when Jesus opens our eyes to the fact that He was broken for us and He is inviting us to be broken for others. When we, even in our confusion make the choice to live for the benefit of others Jesus comes into full view again.