God Never Laughs at the Honest Heart

As a nation we have turned away from God, that’s why truth doesn’t matter much anymore. We are at the edge of losing the awareness of God because the majority of our society is godless. The human heart has the capability of becoming so hard that some people will not admit that God’s ways are right and repent of their sin. Wisdom is God’s Presence, Spirit and Knowledge in society and it cries out for a response. Today, if you hear the voice of wisdom don’t hardened you heart. God will never laugh at an honest heart no matter how deep your struggle is. Whoever opens their heart to His wisdom will dwell safely and be secure without fear of evil.


  1. Nancy   •  

    I love hearing this. So true and I'll take it where ever I go.

  2. William   •  

    Pastor you are a man of God someone I look up to I pray God will use me to help Times square church in any way I can to help the helpless or the lost or hurting or any of my brothers or sisters in the Lord. May God bless your ministry and you and your family.

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