Prayer Requests - WA

We are trying to contact family members that have walls up against us. Please pray God intervene and save their souls. Thanks TSC. He's our way-maker.

Elderly pastor's grandson is doing porn. Please pray for God to deliver him. God can do this miracle. The Pastor is so grateful for TSC faith filled prayers.

Need to know that it is true that even I can be washed clean and be used by God. Christians keep telling me I am too bad can't ever be clean or new.

For my brother's salvation this holiday season and freedom from addictions in his life, mainly alcohol.

Pray continuously for many unspoken requests. I plead the blood of Jesus all over us all forever, in Jesus' name.

Thanks for praying. Please continuously pray for the total restoration of everything and everyone the devil stole from us all. Praying for my family.

Requesting prayer for healing of a herniated disc in my lower back. I have already had surgery on another disc. Thanks for praying TSC.

Prayer for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the college students in eastern Washington. The field is ripe for a mighty ingathering of souls.

Requesting prayer for a miraculous restoration of six fractured vertebra in my wife Mary's back. Doctors said they will never be made whole. Jesus heals.