Prayer Requests - VT

Pray my husband gets rest and nutrition as he is burned out in all aspects of life including our marriage.

Please pray! The destroyer has been tormenting me in several areas of physical health that have not responded to reasonable treatments. It's been months!

My 30-year-old son to turn back to God with humility, submission, repentance and true salvation and a desire to share with others.

Need prayer for God to help remove the smear from my name placed by others. I do my best to forgive - the rest is up to God. Pray for a chance to clear me.

Pray for Melissa to make right decisions, meet a strong Christian to help her leave an extremely abusive relationship. Pray she reaches out for help.

For my 30-year-old son to re-establish his relationship with God and Jesus in a very strong and powerful way.

Beloved TSC, my friend June informed me today in tears that she lost her 27-year-old son Tyler, August 26th from a drug overdose Heroin/Fentanyl Oh God!

I'm the trustee of a family's trust that has been fighting for ten years. I'm taking steps to help two brothers financially with trust. Need God to bless this.