Prayer Requests - TX

Lord willing, we will hold a congress for Latin America and Caribbean trainers of pastors in October 2020 in Panama. Everything for God's glory. Pray.

Prayer for my husband and I, our mind, our brain, our book publishing deal, our websites, our apartments, our soul.

Blessings on those who worship satan. Pray for their salvation.

holiness is associated with all good things according to Jesus Christ. Holiness is always associated with Jesus Christ.

6-year-old granddaughter Lyla high temps and headaches. Medications are unsuccessful. Wisdom and peace. Parents aren't Jesus followers. BUT God!

Pray for the Foster family, their daughter Tina is in her 20's and needs a heart transplant. Pray for a full recovery and the family's needs fulfilled.

I have court on 1/8/2020 in regards to my ex-husband paying the arrears of $13,000. Please help me in praying that I have favor with the courts, to receive all.

JR de Dios will be having a kidney transplant in San Antonio, Texas. Joe Ann and Nancy have cancer. Pray for the USA.

I am Sick. Husband not a Christian. Problems in marriage feel depressed.

Pray for the reconcile of my marriage. She is wanting a divorce. Pray for a change of heart and mind, Forgivness and mercy and love. I made a mess.