Prayer Requests - SC

Please pray for my son to be healed from mental illness. And for him to turn to Christ for help. Thank you.

Please pray that God will heal my spine and take away my chronic pain. His will be done though.

I pray that God would bless my online business and double my current income. I use my social media for marketing I pray that He would protect my accounts.

Please pray for my daughter! That the lies she believes will be replaced with the love she receives from God. Oh Lord, soften her heart toward us.

Prayer for my good friend, Lyn. She reached out to her son asking for forgiveness for her past. I pray that God will heal his heart and restore them.

Please pray for me to stay focused and strengthened as I continue my doctoral studies in ministry. May God continue to keep watch over TSC.

Please pray for my daughter, Connie. Many needs but financial is immediate. Asking God to open doors for her. Thank you.

This man that likes me if he is a fraud, that God would keep him from getting in touch with me anymore. God has done this before helping me to move on.

Plead the Blood of Jesus and Holy Spirit over Sylvester. That he would choose and fight for healing today and every day.

From divorce, multiple breakups, no dad, child molested - just a list of things that keep coming back. I want freedom. I don't want it to overcome me anymore. Please pray for me.