Prayer Requests - OR

We have to make some big decisions, but we can't seem to get a clear answer from God. We need the right choice to be obvious. God Bless.

My husband needs a job transfer. We have been waiting since the end of summer and our lives are in limbo. We also need to find a good house there.

Missing my mom, she passed away last Christmas please remember me in prayer.

Please pray for a brother-in-law, for God to heal him of addiction open his eyes and turn his heart to God. I know only God can fix his situation.

Pray for my marriage, for me to be a better husband. I've changed from what I once was but not who she totally deserves. God is truly in our lives.

Pray for my healing, as my right cheek was burnt down 37 layers. I had plastic surgery. I have a terrible scar from my nose to my ear. I have lost my self-esteem

Healing in my marriage. My husband constantly belittles and criticizes me. He looks at other women constantly in front of me. I'm hurt.

My niece Tammy have fallen into drug addiction. We were close as children. The Tammy I once knew isn't there anymore. Lord please help me know how to pray.

Pray for a young couple going through a really hard time, for God to heal their marriage and help them financially.

Please pray for deliverance for Pastor Jess. Give him a 100 fold return for every ounce he gives to save lives! More Faith more Authority! I have never seen a minister give more.