Prayer Requests - NY

My wife is spending New Year's with her boyfriend. Please pray for the Lord's conviction and that she'll return to Him. We have a young girl.

Prayer to be healed from back, neck, shoulder, knee pain and bladder condition. My family to be saved and united.

Prayer for Alice to be saved. Also for her to meet somebody to get married. Unite my family.

Prayer for Sylvia, Dan, Audrey, Simone to be saved. Sylvia to lose weight. Dan to believe in Jesus first. Unite my family.

Please, God, heal/cure to the roots the horrible pain and afflictions that have plagued us for 40 years and grant miracles that doctors say are impossible.

My son's dad lent my son's money to his uncle, 10 thousand now my son cannot pay his truck loan or insurance. God is able!

I am in ministry at TSC but there seems to be so much confusion that I am disillusioned. Pray for God's guidance and wisdom to move on. Thank you.