Prayer Requests - NV

Please pray for Maxine's salvation. She is going blind. Pray for her healing.

Hi my wonderfull brothers and sisters please say a prayer for that 2020 will be my breakthrouh year I'm not sure what that means but it can't hurt to hope.

Asking that the Lord lift the oppression of the enemy off our soul, heart, and mind. There's trouble in my son's home. We need the peace and help of God.

Please rebuke the demons inside of my brother, Frank, so he may find God and have peace and success in his life and his family's life.

I am a Medicine man in need of courage to leave behind 30 years of learning and preaching Native American Spirituality. I want to preach the truth!

Pray for Jesus to touch my life and my home. My dad was diagnosed with narcissistic personality and he has destroyed our family.

Pray closing on house closes very soon. I have to move out of this rental before Christmas.

Salvation for the Aponte, Tang, Somer, Spitzer, Yaeger, Tutunjian, and Bernard Families. Lord Jesus, save them, they need You desperately.

Pray daughter, grand daughters, and myself separate ourselves from sin and false ungodly doctrine once and for all. Stand firm in Christ.

I pray my CPAP machine be paid by Insurance and my doctor provides the notes needed to do this. My family become whole in Christ. Strongholds removed.