Prayer Requests - NH

I need salvation, am losing everything because of alcohol. Am putting all to your prayer TSC, please God forgive me and help me. I need you Lord. Amen.

Open my eyes to see you in the midst of every storm, it is time to time to take back everything that the deceiver stole. Family to be restored and set free.

Healing for Jimmy, Pat, Lisa's husband, Gail, and Frank. Our God is able. Also, pray for our President and Israel's leaders. We need revival in our churches and schools.

Frank needs both a spiritual and physical healing this side of heaven, our country needs to turn back to Jesus, marriages need to be restored. Praise the Lord.

Pacey needs Jesus in his life, set him free from abuses he has encountered. Venice needs healing from Autism, Liam needs Jesus, their mom needs Jesus also.

My son Jimmy needs healing in his shoulder. I just want to take time to thank Jesus for who He is. May our country be revived, Only Jesus and His mercy.

Healing for Pat, Bert, Margaret, and Jackie, wisdom for our leaders, revival in schools, homes, workplaces, police, and military. Exalt the name of Jesus.

My children need a vision of who God is, Pacey and Venice need physical and spiritual healing. In the USA, why should they say where is their God.

Our country, our leaders, the church, mercy and revival, families, and marriages. Oh that men would say our God is good, all powerful, and full of mercy.

Healing for Lisa's husband who has cancer; for Dom and Tina, Jim/Sarah, Joel/Kim, marriage restoration. For our President and USA; revival; Matt's and Goshia's marriage.