Prayer Requests - NE

Heal Pam, Jade's hurt. Draw close to Christ. Joe, Ernie to surrender to Jesus, get help for addictions. Mom, and dad's health. Live boldly for Jesus. Give grace.

Safety for deployment Jade, Andy, all military. Heal Jade's hurt. Pam's hurt. Joe, Ernie stop using people, drugs. God's will for all them. Parents health.

My sister Vickye is having surgery tomorrow to remove a mass from uterus. Please pray it's not cancer, and healing for her. Thank you.

Pray Jade passes test 4 of school safety for deployment, and Andy. Heal Jade's hurt, and for Pam. Pray also for Joe, and Ernie to stop using drugs and people, to surrender to Jesus, and for parents' health.

A brain scan revealed possible cancer. Praying for complete healing for Trenton in the name of Jesus Christ our Healer and Redeemer and multiplied Grace.

Please pray for healing for my parents and for them to have joy, peace, and rest in Jesus! Thank you! God is faithful!

Serious drug addiction for 17 years. Have sought help for 15 years to no avail. Need a miracle. I love the Lord so much. Please pray. Thank you.

Please pray for a woman named Megan who needs to know Jesus. She is addicted to meth and close to dying. She sees no way out. Thank you.

Pray for mom's dementia, and to know us, dad's health, heal Jade's heart from Andrew leaving her, and safety for deployment for both, for ministry God has for Pam, and courage.

Was saved & filled with the Holy Spirit and preaching. Only to later find myself drinking alcohol like before being saved. I'm so alone and ashamed.