Prayer Requests - NC

Praying authorities apprehend and remove driving privileges from the man trying to purposely and maliciously kill my family and I while driving on the interstate yesterday.

I am in a difficult work situation but I believe the Lord led me here. I pray He does a work in my heart and prepares me for the next step. Thanks!

1. To finish all my novels this month
2. To write six hours every day this month
3. To accomplish all writing goals and write well
4. To manage time wel.

I have ADHD it has ruined me over and over again. I have been backslidden for over 20 years. I want to repent and be totally healed and delivered.

Please pray for Dwayne who has a heart aneurysm. He also has a faulty heart valve. His son is having nasal surgery next week. Thank you.

Please pray for my niece; my brother passed away and she is taking it hard. She is away from the Lord.

TSC please pray for Joan who is elderly and may need to be put into an assisted living facility. That her family will make the correct decision.

Please pray for Pastor Tony who continues to suffer respiratory & heart health issues and for his wife Connie who fell & broke her pelvis bone.

TSC, please pray for Billy who is elderly and was beaten over his head with a metal pipe last week and is now in a coma with no brain activity.