Prayer Requests - NC

Family of Adam who took his life this week. He has 5 children and his sister Brenda is in our church family.

We were invited somewhere for Christmas, please pray that it will be a fellowship of heaven.

Pray for my pastor and leaders to have a desire for revival and also that our pastor will talk about heaven & hell in his call to salvation.

Please pray for a young man who does not know the Lord, does not support or acknowledge his 3-year-old son, and needs a job & a place to stay. Thank you!

Asking the Saints to urgently pray for Shyla T. who is 7 years old needing a true miracle of healing from stage 4 cancer! Her parents are trusting God.

Pray for my mom, Patricia. Doctor says she has cancer. God has the final say. He is able.

Test results of possible cancer again. Cancer survivor for 17 years. Terrified I have to deal with cancer again! Praying on which oncologist to see. Depressed, numb.

I want to thank God for jobs, a place to live and many other provisions. Please continue to pray that my spouse will work conscientiously and obediently at his new job.

Please pray for Lisa. She has post-surgery bleeding on the brain and can't open her eyes. The hospital wants to discharge her in this condition.