Prayer Requests - MS

Pray for deliverance from an abusive marriage, reconciliation with my oldest son and his wife, and for me to be reunited with my grandson being kept from me.

Please pray for me. So many things have been coming against me daily for a long time. I need protection, peace, direction and discernment. Thank you!

I need prayer for my friend Cory M. who met in an accident after dropping me off from rehearsal last Friday night. He is currently in a coma.

Pray Dean shall not die, but live and proclaim the wonderful works of the Lord, Psalm 118:17. Pray for salvation, removal of insanity and destruction. Thank you.

Pray for provision to have teeth out and replaced. Prayer for long term physical health care and mental health care overseas. Thank you.

I'm new again to following God. I have been out of His will for over 20 years I ask for prayer for wisdom, and finding the mystery of Gods kingdom.

Pray for Stacy, for healing from cancer and allowing her to be a testimony to the rest of her family.

Salvation for my son who says he is an atheist. Salvation for my two daughters who say they believe but there is no sign of belief. Salvation for my Mom.

Pray for direction on where to move and guidance on several family situations and that we will know God's will.

My daughter is in an abusive marriage. Pray for her and my grandchildren.