Prayer Requests - MO

Need prayer. The burden of hopelessness, oppression, emptiness, I know it is an attack. It has been going on for 3 years at least. Keeps coming back. I put on praise.

My 2 year old grandson was admitted to the children's hospital today for respiratory distress, please pray.

Please pray I have been battling sinus issues for 2 weeks and has moved to my chest. Also for God's provision. And total healing for my family.

The Lord is opening doors that I can be an influence in the upcoming Presidential elections. Please pray for protection and to represent God well.

Please pray for Fianna, a 13-year-old that was just diagnosed with a rare bone disease at St. Jude. Please pray for her healing and that she would come to Christ.

Pray for wisdom, guidance and protection in settlement of claim and a quick resolution. Also pray for wisdom in selling business and peace regarding exchange of property.

Pray for my husband Neil's healing from heart disease, pneumonia and enlarged lymph nodes - suspect cancer and for his restored weight and strength.

For James, to create hunger for truth, remove ungodly influences and lies, increase faith, wisdom. Send Godly men to encourage his faith and speak truth.