Prayer Requests - MN

Hi Merry Christmas. I would like to ask you to please pray for my son Devin He's 22 years old and in jail. I'm believing for a miracle in his life. Thank you.

My family needs a Divine intervention. Healing in all areas, and a move of the Holy Spirit.

Please pray for my friend Cristie to be reconciled to her two adult children. They want nothing to do with her, she is heartbroken. Thank you.

Please pray for healing for my 2 special needs kids. Thanks!

Please pray the Lord would bless me with a Godly, trustworthy husband in 2020. Thank you!

I have arthritis in my spine and my hips. I need a new hip replacement. I'm praying for complete healing I know that God heals I'm only 63 years.

Please pray they Lord would bless me with a Godly, compatible, trustworthy husband. I have been praying for awhile. Also, pray I would be a good wife.

Please pray for healing for my two autistic children, especially for comprehension and learning. Please also pray they could make friends. Thanks.

Please pray for strength and favor for my friend Cristie in court. Her ex-husband took her to court in a custody battle. Cristie is growing weary.

Pray for me to stand strong in the Lord over Christmas with family, relatives' restoration, healing, and to prevail with great breakthroughs.