Prayer Requests - ME

Please pray for the healing of my friend Myriam who suffers from terrible migraine headaches.

My friend lives near TSC, recent brain surgery was successful. Pray for miraculous rehabilitation. Visited TSC recently, received salvation and needs discipleship.

Please pray for my friend Valerie's eczema. She has it all over her face and body and doesn't see any way to be healed short of God's healing.

TEXT: Please pray for a friend who is diagnosed with general malaise and receives dialysis 3X weekly. She wants healing or to go home to Jesus. She will be 80 next month, please pray.

Please pray that Joshua will graduate from college with honors and have his eyes on Jesus alone. Thank you!

Pray for God's strength for momma and Joe as age has taken over. And for Margie's health.

Please pray that Hannah will be healed of cystic fibrosis and of some past abuse in the name of religion. Open her eyes to Jesus' love. Thank you!

Please pray for Liam. Please pray for his healing. Liam was born with Williams Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that affects his heart.

Please pray for Eric M's Christmas Miracle. Please pray for his salvation. Ask God to give Eric the grace to turn to Jesus, repent, and be save!