Prayer Requests - MD

Pray for Carmela that her heart remains strong and her mind remains sharp and clear. Amen.

Pray that Riley and Christina would walk with Jesus and see that the lies the liberal left are feeding them are evil lies and brainwashing. Amen.

Pray for Christina to walk with Jesus and be truthful to her Mom and Dad. Pray God will guide her to a new job. Protect her health, mind body from harm.

Pray for Andrew to be healed from a concussion pray he lives a long life with good health. Praying for a good job. Praying his heart is healthy. Amen.

Please pray for Tuffy an abandoned cat that he gets into animal protection soon. I'm caught in the crossfire its a long story. Thanks.

Urgent prayer needed for JoAnne. Praying for a miracle of healing of her heart. Praying her heart function increases. Praying her heart is strong. Amen.

Pray for Andrew. He blacked out in the shower and hit his head on the toilet. Pray for his complete healing. Pray there is no serious condition that caused this. Amen.

I would like for you to pray that my marriage gets better! My husband and I have been together for 26 years and married for 7. Thank you!