Prayer Requests - MA

Salvation, healing for Willy who has heart problems since birth; has endocarditis, temperature is104; en route ambulance to Boston Children's. Pray for him and family.

Please pray for the healing of my family and the resources for Gilgal Ministry. Thanks!

Please pray that God help provide financially for my housing, books and portion of tuition for seminary.

Pray for Nicole who needs the Lord to move on her behalf concerning a place to live. Also, for a man Paul who I have invited to church, that God will move on his heart.

Pray for a dear precious sister in Christ, June, who needs the Lord to heal her body of stomach cancer.

Please pray that I get a passing grade on my Corporations final. I did the best I could. Pray the professor read my answers as I intended them.

Due to health and school, it's been difficult to work prolonged hours. I'm struggling financially. Please pray God will provide and see me through this.

Doctors have not been able to control my thyroid with medications. It's been hard to focus. The chronic exhaustion and the blues are unbearable. Please pray for me.

I have recently started having excruciating pain in my joints after having been bit by a tick. I have end-stage cancer. Please pray.

I am in clinical trial at Dana Farber Cancer Institute for treatment of multiple myeloma. I ask prayer for healing, for my marriage, and for our finances.