Prayer Requests - IN

Please pray for all who are struggling with addiction to drugs and alcohol. Also pray for the drug dealers, that they may be set free from Satan's hold.

TSC, please pray for Audra and Hailey. They are both battling Cancer. Also for Taige who has not awoken from a brain injury. It has been over a month.

Please continue to pray for our generation of children; so many hearts have been broken by divorce and drugs. many have been taken out of their homes.

Please pray for my mom, Betty. She has been having severe pain in her lower back which has been causing her entire leg to hurt. She needs healing!

Please pray that God will save my sister, 2 nephews, niece and 2 great-nieces' souls. Thank you.

Please pray for my friend Melissa's son Taige he was in a terrible wreck with his grandpa who died, he is in a coma. Please pray, thank you Jesus and TSC.

Our granddaughter just came to tell us she is gay. Please help us pray for her, that Jesus removes the evil in and around her. Open her eyes to see TRUTH.

TSC please continue in prayer for all the children and so many things they are going through. l believe in the power of prayer. Thank you. May God bless all.

Please pray for Audra, she found out today her cancer is back they cannot operate. Also pray for Hailey, 10-years-old, cancer is also back. In Jesus' name.

Please pray that Vanessa will receive the right job. Thank God and all of you for prayers.