Prayer Requests - IA

Pray for righteousness in order to destroy false idols and altars. For foster children to be raised in the admonition of Jesus Christ.

Because I believe in the God of Gen-Rev, and now live in a new area, I need insight to not be sitting in seats of scoffers. Desperate. Thanks.

The fullness of freedom that Christ won on the cross & resurrection to be mine, in the power of his love, spirit, grace, mercy, & word, in Christ, for me to keep.

I am a pastor, our church has been through troubled waters. I am at a loss to know what to do. We need the Holy Spirit to help us. Pray for us.

Knowing God's love, grace, mercy, forgiveness, adoption in a safe relationship, strongly, rooted deeply in Christ his love (like Ephesians/Colossians).

God's support, backup, will, strength, spirit-filling, overcoming, growth, life.

That the Lord Jesus will give me the strength and faith to get up and fight in his army once again, that he forgives me of my failures. And protect my family.

Prayer for: God's comfort, love, Spirit, healing, overcoming sickness, trials, suffering, scapegoating. Some backup support in Christ. A place where I fit in and belong.

Lord, I pray for my nephews, help them not to go astray, help them to stay focused, help them to stay motivated, and take their education seriously. Amen.

Lord, please perfect our relocation plans, help my wife find someone to takeover her lease, help us find favor in our apartment and car hunting. Amen.