Prayer Requests - FL

Prayer for my stepdaughter Jenny and her wife Kelsey - deliverance from the gay lifestyle, and for their son Elias - dedication to the Lord.

Accusations made by a former employer were unfounded but they are suing him and his new job. Pray for salvation and that this harassment will cease and desist.

Praying for an upcoming hearing with Medicare that they will vote in my sister's favor to pay for her hospital stay.

Abba, praising You, worshiping You, for the glorification of Your Holy name. Confession of sin, sorry, I repent and turn from evil. Thanks for guidance and love.

Please pray for Winniefre, her son was found dead a week ago. She still grieving for the death of her husband three years ago.

God, please let this be the best year ever. God, please let me have my best decade ever. I need help to live much better. God help me. Bring miracles.

Please pray for Tony Evans's family. Lois Evans went to be with the Lord.

God bless my aunt and help her with her eyes, give her faith, bless her apartment, and her finances. Help her to trust. Bring a spiritual awakening in the US.

God, please help me graduate. God, please help me stop debating and maintain solvency. God help me with clarity. God help me maintain permanent sobriety.

Please pray I will be able to find a job. I am unemployed, living alone, and need financial stability. Staying faithful. Pray God answers me quickly.