Prayer Requests - DE

Please pray for my daughter's complete recovery and restoration, to mental and physical health from injuries suffered from a concussion.

Please pray that my husband Kirk receives a job offer for a position he interviewed for yesterday, which is closer to home. Also my moms leg is bad.

My family is under attack. Please pray for sickness and financial curses to be destroyed and removed from us. Thank you.

Bill and his family are grieving the passing of his brother Charles. The family cared for Charles for several years as his health failed.

TSC, congregations in Maryland are praying for a missing son (in his mid-30's). He was last seen in May 2019. Please pray for Father's love and mercy.

Bill's brother Charles passed away after an 11-year illness. Please pray for the family.

TSC, Viola's left index finger is severely infected and swollen. Amputation of the infected finger is scheduled for Wednesday, 10/2/2019. Please pray.

A waitress in a local restaurant committed suicide last week. Please pray for God's mercy for her, her family, her co-workers, and her customers.

Anne is getting progressively worse with a hacking cough. She is a teacher in a private high school and has 128 students. Father, help her by Your love.

Please pray that Rich receives a good report on September 26 regarding his rare disease with his red blood cells.