Prayer Requests - AZ

Please pray for me. I'm wanting to serve Jesus and be fruitful in society but can't get out of the rut I'm in.

I'm so weary of being in filthy homeless shelters, it's affecting my job and health. I just can't afford the move-in costs. Please pray.

Prayer for a local church, that is strong in corporate prayer, fasting, hears from Jesus, mature in love, and alive.

Need prayer. I've become cynical and I'm alone. I lost my job and my apartment. I'm in my 60's, homeless with a drug-addicted mom.

Prayer for my son in prison, and for Jesus to restore me to bring a caregiver, and for a home, I'm very tired men in my family don't help.

Prayer for faith to believe changes can come in our shelter, for the owner and staff to repent and turn to Jesus, to stop resisting the Bible and prayer.

It's freezing, I'm taking a bus and in desperate need of housing and furniture. I need a miracle before January 4th. Please pray.