Prayer Requests - AR

Please pray for Keith and his family. And Barbara for healing and her husband Donnie's salvation. Thank you.

Please pray for David as his heart is in Afib and he has a problem losing weight.

Please pray for James, as he needs a hip replacement and is in great pain. He ministers to the homeless in Denver. Thank you.

Please pray for Mollie H., as she is elderly and has cancer. Thank you.

Kara has had numerous problems, many brakes to her bones, the last one was her scapula. She's going to Children's for answers that no one has given. She needs hope. Please pray for her.

Please pray for the salvation of Davie, Henry, Haylynn. Thank you.

Please pray for me that God would heal my body. I am not able to take care of myself because l have something wrong with my stomach. I get so weak.

Please pray for Bill. He is 92, has pneumonia and ripped muscles in his shoulders and back. He needs salvation! Thank you. Urgent prayer!

Please pray for Bill who is 91 and has dementia, and needs salvation. Thank you.

Please pray that I and my team get this job opportunity we all really want and need. It would be absolutely life changing.