Prayer Requests - AL

I have Crohn's disease and am having a bowel obstruction. Please pray for healing and deliverance from twisted bowel as well. Praise His Holy Name!

Asking for prayer for God's leading to the right job for me. Thank you.

Praying for the means to buy Christmas gifts for my grandchildren.

I am continuing to ask for God's intervention for my daughter Jessica with depression and addiction. That she will come for Christmas. Pray I hear from her.

Please pray for deliverance from the devil that is constantly attacking and tormenting me.

April, the single mom of Kobe, Cameron, Rico, and Diamond, is recovering well after surgery for cancer. Pray for salvation. God bless you.

My cousin Troy just got out of jail after 7 years. Pray God would get a hold of him or he might fall right back to his old life of drugs and destruction.

Please pray for my daughter Jessica with depression and addiction. I haven't heard from her. She's in another state.

I am failing in what God wants me to do. I have no idea why He sent me over here. I have no idea why it seems like I just bring Him embarrassment.