Prayer Requests - AK

For Jesus to take the rebellion and hatred from my heart for Christmas to enter my life to stop lying and resisting what God's wanting to do.

Prayer for Jesus to draw near for Christmas, and that my family would be kind and thoughtful.

Please pray for the weather and for Jesus to heal my body to show me what to do to bring my weight and blood pressure down.

I have two children and grandson who have birthdays this week and I'm struggling in a new job. Please pray we can all be together.

My dad is dying and he has surrounded himself with his girlfriends, excluding his children and this is very difficult for closure. Please pray for him.

Please pray for provision for dental extractions, tests, medical care, mental health care, and friend's new implants to replace the old broken teeth.

Please pray for this house to be repaired, new roof, all the underfloor issues repaired, no black mold, drainage repaired, underfloor mat removed.

Please pray for me to be made sane and at peace. Also for all witchcraft to die permanently, no home invasion, no computer programs, no hate thank u.

Ezekiel 36: stop the stubbornness and unbelief in my family I'm asking you Jesus to bring a revival a ressurection of Psalm 133:

For Jesus to send his laborers, pastors and teachers to disciple and train up spirit-filled soldiers of the cross.