Prayer Requests - Zambia

Good evening saints. Bwalya N again my heart troubles me night and day. I know God wants to use me but the devil Is onto me, please pray for me.

Hello. My name is bwalya and for a year now I have suffered from a heart problem I have faith God is able to heal. Please pray for me.

My prayer request is that God, through His mercy and grace, may deliver me from the power of addiction to Pornography.

I have been struggling with sexual sin and a pornographic video was just sent to me. Jesus save me! Pray for me.

Please pray. I am asking the Lord for a safe trip and favor finding a good apartment.

Pray that the Lord breaks the spiritual hold that's keeping me bound to my mother's house. She does not want to let me to leave, and I am becoming resentful.

Please pray that my clients pay me this week. Lord Jesus, remove every hindrance.

Lord, I need your divine intervention. I am asking for a breakthrough and safe passage out of Zambia. Deliver me from all ill-spoken words. Thank you.

Please pray that my employers pay me what they owe me before my stay in Zambia expires. They are stalling and it is quite stressful. Thanks.