Prayer Requests - Uganda

Praise the Lord! Pray for Care Africa a charity organization in Uganda. Pray for food, shelter, and medical for them. God bless you.

Hello and praise God. Pray with me for my career, salvation of my family, and financial breakthrough. Thank you for the ministry. God bless you.

Hello, praise God. Pray with me for my career because I am facing a lot of uncertainties and pressure from my family members for not having a job.

Praise God. I pray for salvation for my mother, she is called Esther and my sister Leah.

Almighty God, may You please bless my current relationship and that it may lead me to a happy marriage in the future. Please Lord, bless us. Amen.

I have continually seen the hand of God move to my rescue and saved me from ill health, kept my business, and grant me journey mercies every day.

Need your prayers dear brethren, that God will provide for my family and meet all our needs. I also pray for supernatural doors to open up for me.

Thank you for praying with me and for me. May God bless you.
Satan has scattered my family which was once a role model to many people in our society.

The fruit of the womb, Aaron obtain a good job, for a financial breakthrough.