Prayer Requests - Singapore

Pastor, brothers and sisters in Christ, please pray that I get a suitable job to take care of my family. I am 45-years-old, so finding a job is difficult. Thanks.

I'm praying for God's favor to bring me and my kids to that place God has placed in my heart next year. He's opening doors. Please agree with me. Thank you.

Please pray for Low for healing miracles of his lung and intestine cancer. We believe our God for his miracles of his illness. Thank you.

Please pray for Sathya, who is undergoing brain surgery in India. Please pray for deliverance and healing, thank you.

Please pray for Susan. Her brain tumor is aggressive and it's affecting her speech and motor skills. Thank you.

I've a huge burden to complete a project to supply Ex junction boxes to EPMI. Please pray for acceptance by my client with no reworks required. Thanks.

Pray for me that I win back Yohko, my beloved fiancee who has strayed to be back by my side. Thank you and God bless all of you.

My friend Rog needs a miracle and to encounter God. Struggling for many years and losing hope. Worried about his well being. Please join me in praying.

Please urgently pray for May, for healing of her eroded nose bone. Please pray that the Lord will make a way to restore it and that she is able to breathe.