Prayer Requests - Romania

Please pray for the Blessed Holy Spirit to flow through Romania. Also for Gods glory to change the government and people there.

Please pray with me to solve my money problem so I can go to university. I don't want to let money stop me.

Please pray for Patrick, who two years ago got saved and baptized and now, under pressure from his unsaved family, has left the faith.

I am a young pastor, married but struggling with lust and depression. Please, pray with me that I will be free. Thank you!

Please pray for me! I'm a young pastor and I'm facing a lot of discouragement.Whatever I do I can't come out of this pit. Thank you!

Dear Lord, hallowed be thy name, please make it thy will that I shall not be thrown out of the location I am in, or deported.

Please pray for the salvation of Mary and Pedro, Hubert, Roy, Vasile, Dana, Edi, Petra, Salih, Mia, David, Adam, Patrich's parents, Jessica, Catalin, Laura.

Please pray for the salvation of Pedro, Mary, Melroy, Shilpa, Lamia, Sarah, Talha and Naeem, International students that came in touch with our church.