Prayer Requests - Romania

Pray for my son Manuel. He is 4. He was born with spina bifida. We pray to God that Manuel will be healed. Thank you.

I had problems with my right knee for months, please pray for it, thank you.

Please pray for my joints, I have big problems with them, and it is horrible, thank you.

Dear brothers pray with us for the healing of our 1-year-old son Rafael, who has repeated bronchitis and does not respond to usual antibiotics. God bless you.

Pray for Magdalena who does not believe that Jesus can save, struggling with sexual sin, a slave to Satan's desires, living a joyless and empty life.

Pray for my mother Georgeta who lost her love for her Savior, became bitter, angry, struggling with health issues, unable to forgive and unbelieving. He can.

Pray for Cornelia whom Satan is keeping in bondage due to physical issues that steal her joy and makes her angry as she believes Jesus is unable to answer prayers.

Pray for my friend Andreea, for God to give her peace and joy in this time and for peace in her family. Also, for her parent's healing. Thank you.

Please pray for my family deliverance from demonic spirits and sicknesses and for their salvation too.

Please pray for me; I am very ill. God have mercy on me and heal me, in Jesus name, thank you.