Prayer Requests - Poland

Pray for Jola, (over 70) she is going to be operated on because of heart problem (aneurism). Many blessings for the New Year.

Pray for all invited to the Evening of Singing Carols, so that their hearts will become open to the preaching word and the presence of God will be seen.

Pray for Pastor Edward, who will be operated on for cancer of his intestine on the 12th of December. Every blessing to you.

Please pray for my dad, Andrew, he had 2 surgeries for partial colon removal. It got paralyzed since then. Pray for it to start working.

Pray for Beata that she will be healed from stroke and set free from depression and addiction to alcohol.

Pray for the wonder of healing for 4-year-old Diana suffering from glioma. Doctors are helpless.

Pray for Maria's ear operation on the 15th of June. Pray for her to regain hearing and for her salvation.

I am asking for prayer, I found myself in a difficult financial situation because of my business partner, he did not tell me the truth.

Pray for Kazik, retired Pastor of a Pentecostal church, a most beloved teacher who is in the hospital with Embolia in lungs.