Prayer Requests - Philippines

Please pray for me I am severely persecuted by satanic cult leaders/members worldwide lead by the group who raped me who's a member of Scientology.

Please pray for our trip near Bacolod, Philippines in 4 hrs, heavily-infested by rebels, ambush-prone area, my Brother Greg was invited to be a guest.

Please pray that Jesus will hide me from the evil of this world. God is our hiding place, refuge, and strength. My friends have betrayed me.

Please pray that Jesus will give excellent skills to drive a car. It is dangerous to drive in Manila. I need to bring my family to the hospital.

Please pray that my father is possessed by the Holy Ghost. He does not know Jesus. He has also contributed a lot of heartaches to the family.

Protection for my family and home. We recently got robbed. Thank God we are all still alive.

Please pray for the healing of my body, from the top of my head to the sole of my feet. Especially the clearing of my eye sight.

Please pray that my name will be written in the book of life and that I will have genuine relationship with Jesus, that I would really know him.

Please pray for me, the devil has marked me as his enemy since I have accepted Jesus as my savior, 38 years ago. He comes in like a flood.

Please pray for me. I need a miraculous healing from the Lord that my cervical cancer will be taken away and give me strength, in Jesus name.