Prayer Requests - Peru

Please pray for my daughter. I made lots of mistakes and she is very sad. Pray my husband can forgive me and help me.

Please pray I get money from department back and husband to forgive me. Please Lord, peace of mind and strength.

Please pray for the will of God in my life, for Him to lead, guide, take my hand, and lead me to the way for His purposes in and through my life.

I need my husband and two sons to be saved by the Lord and pray that they love Him with all their hearts, and then for the restoration of my family.

Salvation for all my house! I want my family to be for Jesus. Kids have grown now and it's hard for me since my husband is unconverted.

Please pray for salvation and healing of Patricia who has cancer, that made the perfect will of God in her life, in this earth or in heaven.

Please pray for my two prodigal sons, away from home and very mad at me. May the Lord bring them back to Him and to me also.

Hi TSC, please keep B in your prayers. She's a baby girl who has pneumonia. For the grace, love, and care of God in her life to keep her safe.

Hi TSC, please pray for a new life for Patricia, she knows and trusts in God. She has stomach cancer. But God is more powerful.