Prayer Requests - New Zealand

Pray for Sinead 16 years old who has anorexia. She and mum moved from Ireland to Australia, now returning. Need:Salvation, healing, wisdom, friendships, a good church.

Please prayer, for my friend Sarah. Doctor believes she may have ovarian cancer. She has some more tests and she is very worried and can't sleep. Thanks.

Thank you for your prayers in 2019. May the prayers of many be answered at the end of this year and beginning with 2020. Peace in the hearts of all who need it.

Provision to be able to make a difference in this world. Provision to own our own house again and to have a warm and dry home. To be in freedom again.

Healing of all grief issues regarding adult children's life-styles, who are out of the will of God. Pray for physical and mental healing from all abuse.

Please pray for the salvation of my son and deep healing of all mental health issues; including long-standing grief issues and friends for 2020. Long term support.

Need healing. Pray to be heard. free from food Allergies, Ravaging Weight Loss and hair loss. Not just to be told shut up and take more antidepressants. No answers.

Please pray Dean's mental health to be completely healed since his breakdown Pray for total deliverance from the work of Satan causing heartache here.

Please pray for provision for legal support with long term family issues, provision for dental care, physical health care and mental health support.