Prayer Requests - Norfolk Island

Please pray for me to return to my first love for the Lord and for physical, emotional and spiritual healing. I want the joy of the Lord to return.

Please join me in praying for Jesus to touch me with healing for my body and a fresh filling of His Holy Spirit and for the return of my first love for Him Thanks.

Please pray for a miracle of healing and deliverance for my health issues. Doctors can't find answers. Jesus has the answers. I call out to Him. Thanks.

Please pray for healing and deliverance. I have had constant medical complaints one after another for several years. Please join me in prayer. Thanks.

Please pray for God in His mercy to intervene to stop the Australian bushfires. To still the wind and send miracle rain. Help, strength and comfort for all.

Please pray for healing, to live normally and not be feeling sick and depressed. To be able to be full of energy to serve and witness for Jesus. Thank you.

Please pray for fresh faith and revival for my heart. Healing for my body, soul and spirit. Ears to hear, eyes to see. Love to love. Hope and joy again. Thanks

Please pray for healing for Carolyne, Annie and myself. We need miracles only, God can help us. Thank you TSC, we love you (praying for you too).

Please pray for God to heal my body soul and spirit. Many health issues. In Your mercy God, please lead me back to my first love for You. I need Him so.

Please pray for an explosion of faith and Holy Spirit power to break forth in our new ladies' e-book club. The start of revival. Amen!