Prayer Requests - Latvia

Please pray for Eliza, 2-years-old, she has stage 3 cancer. She had surgery, but it's still very bad! The family needs God's peace and a miracle!

Eliza 2 years need a prayer, she has a cancer stage 2 and now is going to chemotherapy then surgery. The family need God's peace and miracle!

I have several lumps on my neck that are getting bigger and I'm afraid it might be cancer. I'm seeing a doctor soon. Please pray for complete healing.

Please please pray for good people to give shelter for a sick cat who needs special food to live. She will die on the street. Urgently, thanks!

May God guide my company, help me to let Him do HIS will. Pray for my financial difficulties. Pray, I will be able to help others.

Please pray for the cat living in the cartoon box in dangerous place, to get adopted, or she will die of cold in winter. Urgently, thanks.

I pray for revival in my city in Latvia, of revival in my church, of revival in me. Jesus, what should I do to make this happen?

I like to pray for revival in my church, in my town Valmiera, in my country Latvia. And my heart. I am in your church today.

Hello, I'm Viesturs and I live in Europe. I have a spinal disc hernia, please pray, in God all things are possible!

Please pray for the animal charity to get enough donations to pay veterinary bills. Cat is injured. Thanks and God bless you.