Prayer Requests - Sri Lanka

Please pray for me. I feel my mind is going to shut down in my isolation and my family all broken after more than 50 years together. Lord, please heal.

I feel I am bound in isolation. Lord Help me. I am very depressed, have prayed so much. Waiting. Ps. 40.

Please pray for my husband, Vidura, who is in a coma due to a brain injury sustained during an accident in Bangkok on the 29th of May.

TSC pray for Sri Lanka. Many people tortured. The President has also announced executions of drug offenders on death row. Lord have mercy and save.

Prayer for churches and families who were bombed in terrorist attack for Jesus to say enough and for His help and comfort.

Prayer for churches who were bombed killing hundreds from terrorist attack.

Prayer for families of recent terrorist attacks killing 290 and injuring many more.

I ask the Lord's deliverance from 'diverse torments'- full moon oppression, isolation, panic attacks, separation anxiety. Zeph. 3.17 quieting with His Love.

Pray for my three-generational family, who are in Valley of Dry Bones. I ask Lord, please, Holy Breath comes, raise us up, don't let us perish. Repentance, new heart. a miracle.