Prayer Requests - Japan

Please pray for my son to touch God's love and surrender to Him. In addition to it, may I be able to keep praying firmly in the faith. Thank you.

Please pray for my son to be free from all evil forces. I need the power of prayer about the effects of gaming and the internet destroying his life.

There a member of my Bible class that causes tension and disagreements as I lead. I am exhausted. Could you pray for this situation?

Please pray for my husband. He has been suffering from severe pain on both legs and the doctor cannot find the root of the pain. He cannot walk.

May my son have good friends for him to bear the good fruit of God. Thank you.

I will lead a Bible class today and tomorrow. May the Holy Spirit help me, so that I can focus on God and keep it going smoothly. Thank you.

Please pray I deeply trust in God, who can change the difficult situation and submit myself to God. Thank you TSC.