Prayer Requests - Italy

Please help me to pray for my relationship to be restored and be blessed, if it's the will of God. I suffered a lot from broken heart along my life.

Please, I need prayers. I'm deeply suffering from heartbreak. I pray for reconciliation if it's God's will.

For John who suffered a stroke. He has been in a coma. His brain has been damaged and the doctor says he won't recover. Please pray for complete healing.

Please pray for salvation of my mom Kornelija. She believes in Our Lord Jesus but she is lost. Pray He would give rest to her soul and endless love. Amen!

Please help to pray for my friend to be free from an immoral relationship. That the Lord can renew his mind and his spirit. Lord push back the enemy.

I ask prayers for my friend to stop with an immoral relationship and come back to the Lord and to the church again.

I ask for prayers, for my close friend. That he comes fully back to the Lord, stopping with immoral relationships.