Prayer Requests - Ireland

Believing that 2020 we will see an outpouring of the Holy Spirit over Ireland, that the church of Jesus Christ will rise and people will believe in Jesus.

Please pray for Evangelists Fabio and Christopher for provision for the mission field. And Godly wives.

Please pray for Christopher and Luminita for provision for the mission field.

Pray that the Lord would visit John who has cancer and has been told he has only days to live, pray for his salvation that he will call on Jesus.

Pray for Mary who has suffered a broken keg - but injury was missed at x-ray, Pray for healing.

Please pray for evangelists Fabio and Christopher in Dublin, for guidance, protection and provision.

Please pray for Luminita and Christopher for provision for marriage and mission field.

Thank you for your faithfulness in prayer. Praying our nation will see a great move of God and hunger for his word. Salvation and healing for Harry and Ben. Thanks.

I would like you to pray for the Ward family over here in Ireland.