Prayer Requests - United Kingdom

Lord I need to see people saved around me. Lord pour out your Holy Spirit and save many. Forgive me for being angry with life. Lord deliver the lost.

TSC please pray for a young lady who tried to commit suicide and was hospitalized. She has a traumatic life. Lord meet with her and save her. Help her.

Please pray for my son Joss, who is returning to Canada as part of his university course. He is very unhappy with his life at the moment.

TSC, please pray for the protection of children at this time of year from abuse. Lord, please protect children online, push back the powers of darkness.

Boko haram in Nigeria is now ISIS. They killed 11 Christians. Lord pour out your Holy Spirit on Nigeria and push back the powers of darkness, save.

Prayer for Gaynor and Margaret who were diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. For complete healing and faith to remain strong throughout this season of their lives.

A couple with a child separated. The man returned to God. He prayed for restoring the family and salvation for the lady and child. He plans to marry her this time.

TSC, pray for an unsaved lady who operates through a spirit of manipulation. Lord. save her and let her hear your voice. Convict her. Bind, lose her.

Lord, please stop the man smoking drugs in the building. He will not stop even when asked or warned. God, only you can stop him and save him. Mercy Lord.

Lord let the light of the gospel shine so brightly this Christmas that many come to know you. Lord revive your people and nations. Raise a standard.