Prayer Requests - Ethiopia

Please pray me and my wife will have children and for the successful completion of my study. May God do His miracles.

I believe in God, I will be free from lies of being ungodly, by divine intervention and judgment.

Praying for a miracle in my marriage. I am contemplating separation. We have kids. I get anxiety attacks when I think I have done something to upset him.

Jesus, we ask for your to heart the cry of the Ethiopian Jewish people to live in Israel as Christians.

We are a Christian island in a Muslim ocean, please pray for our country to become Christian, for laborers to come and help us.

Leviticus 26:4 prayer for rain and healing in our land and for Christ to stop Sharia courts and Islamic schools and mosques.

Please pray for me, I want to be filled with the Holy Spirit and also pray for my husband to have a job here with me. God bless you.

Please pray for the women in Hawassa, Ethiopia, we want to make a difference.

Please pray for my sister who is 3 months pregnant, her doctor told her the baby's heart beat stopped. I believe Jesus will make it start again.