Prayer Requests - Spain

For the salvation of my mom and the entire family. Believing 2020 to be the year of such wonder of God. For His glory only. Thank you so much, TSC!

Pray for Eva L's . Healing. All we who love her keep hoping in her total recovery. Our faith doesn't weaken or waver in believing God's healing promise to her.

Aurelio M. Healing from illness. The real involvement of doctors, P. B. And O. P. The new treatment be implemented sooner. Intervene in this situation, Jesus!

Isabel C. Needs mental healing, a new job. She also needs strengthening and peace to persevere in her faith. She's very discouraged in life. Thank you!

Eva needs healing after 20 years from suffering severe anxiety, OCD, and depression. She continues trusting Jesus to heal her. Eva is 30-years-old. Thanks

For Aurelio who needs healing from severe inflammation in his bile ducts, gallbladder, and pancreas. For healing in his immunologic system. Thanks so much.

For Aurelio who needs healing from severe inflammation in bile ducts, gallbladder and pancreas. For the healing of his immunologic system and for his family, thanks.

Eva needs healing as she battles continuous anxiety. For 20 years she suffers greatly. She trusts in you, Jesus. Show your great compassion and love to her.

For Aurelio. Total healing. God's wisdom for doctors to do the correct diagnosis and provide the right treatment. For the strengthening of his family.