Prayer Requests - Egypt

Please pray for healing for Mom from MS, two broken legs, bed sores, terrible breathing problems, severe anemia. Give the doctors wisdom.

Husband's family for salvation; father needing surgery and in coma. He has no money. The hospital will not do surgery and wants family to bring him home to die.

Dear Father in Heaven, I ask you to restore my marriage. Please keep us in your prayers. We need a lot of very strong prayers.

Praying for healing of Medhat's father who's in the hospital. Also, praying for salvation and deliverance from false religion.

Prayer for my son-in-law George Saunders who was falsely accused by his wife regarding outside affairs. He requesting divorce.

Pray with me for Egypt. May our God protect and bless the land and to be a blessing for all the nations around, in His name. Thanks TSC.

Please pray for holiness and freedom from any lacking. Also, I need power and wisdom to renew my mind. Father, I trust you for more, my life. Thanks.

Please pray for the salvation of Medhat W G and family. Parents are sickly since the loss of Emad in 2014. They need comfort and healing.

Pray for my brother Ha, may God bless him and protection for him and his family. Please pray that may God reveal Himself to him. Thank you church.