Prayer Requests - Ecuador

I am going through a healing process. I feel lonely and sad. Please pray for me to overcome this difficult time. God don't leave me alone!

I pray that my family will know you Jesus. Also pray for a family trip to NY in October. Thank you!

Oro por la familia RodraA­guez. Amor y unidad familiar. Y nuestro viaje a NY en Octubre.

Please help me praying and trusting the Lord to bless me and my family with a 75% Scholarship in Music Schools in NY where I already applied.

Glenn needs a touch from the great physician, a healing miracle, wisdom, revelation in treatment, and strength for wife. For the glory of God.

Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ please help my son Juan. Set him free from all things that separate him from You. Let us see your Glory.

Dear Lord Jesus, please help my son Juan. He needs your touch in his life to be a different person. Thanks for your prayers.

Dear Lord Jesus, please allow us to see your glory in the life of my son Juan. Thanks for praying. May the Lord bless you all.