Prayer Requests - Dominican Republic

Please pray for the thyroid surgery I am having on Feb. 1st. Pray also for my husband and son that are with me in this process. Thanks!

A prayer for young new couples to receive guide from Holy Spirit to be a blessed relationship.

I had to do horrible things to get to the USA. Pray for hope and the forgiveness to love others.

Pray for Katia who lost her wallet on Miami Aiport with US $800. 00, all her documents and credit cards. That somebody find it and return to her.

Pray for 11 year old M. who prostitutes himself to survive. His mother sells her body to prison guards as well. Pray for salvation and hope for life.

I am on a missions trip and my ankles have swollen 3 times the normal size. Requesting prayer that the swelling will completely go away in my ankles and to finish the work on this trip.

For my husband, son and me: strength, discernment, wisdom. My daughter and her boyfriend for reconciliation with God and marriage. Thanks!

TEXT: Please pray for my son Jonathan who relapsed after his drug program.

God bless you. Please pray for David F. He needs to come back to Jesus, needs salvation.

Please pray. I need a miracle, I would like to sell my home and property due to the present political and economic climate. About to lose everything.