Prayer Requests - Dominican Republic

Please pray that my husband gets a better job or I get a job to help him. He does not earn enough to pay all the bills. Thanks!

Please! Keep praying for my marriage and pray also for my son and daughter (deliverance and restoration). Thanks!

Please pray for my marriage. It is on the border of destruction. I don't want to lose my husband.

My children are drifting away from God in vacation with my mother-in-law who stopped serving the Lord. Jurielis, Elias, Mia, & Renia - may God touch them.

I am pastor, missionary, 32 years old with a promise of God. Pray for all my needs, job, wife, son, all needs material for soul and spirit. Thanks.

Please pray the Lord give the faith I need so that I may be introduced to the Lord, to have faith in Jesus Christ!

Please pray for my daughter Ani and William to always be in union. Save their home, pay it in full! Thank you Jesus for hearing me!

Please pray for wisdom, strength and financial provision, for my marriage, to keep the unity and love we have, and for my son to be guarded from sin.

Please pray for my recovery from a thyroid surgery. For my husband and son with me in this process. Thanks!

Hi, last week you prayed for my thyroid surgery. Now, please pray for my recovery and the treatment. I need to live without my thyroid. Thanks.