Prayer Requests - Dominican Republic

Prayers for Amanda who had breast surgery but did not go well and now has to return; hoping all is good and nothing bad is found.

Prayers for Marisol and her 13-year-old son who lost his father in an accident on Fathers Day; strength, faith, and peace during this hard time.

Please pray for healing from kidney problems and other complications.

My mother Caridad got a thrombosis and was admitted to the hospital. Please pray.

My family is on the way of separation and it's a Godly family but satan is using my mom to destroy us. She needs to be stopped by God urgently.

Our sister's business was reopened on Thanksgiving day and her innocence was proven. Psalm 37:6. Pray for recovery of all that she lost. Thank You, Jesus!

A sister in Christ business was closed unfairly 2 weeks ago. Pray for the powerful hand of the Lord to intervene and restore her reputation.

My mother suffered a heart attack and got a catheterization. She has diabetes, hypertension, asthma, and skin allergies. She has been hospitalized.

Hilda R. needs a miracle, she ate a spoiled fish that caused some memory loss, Alzheimer.
Asking for total healing.